PCaW attends Preventing Food Fraud Conference

19th February 2018

High profile scare stories in the food sector clearly demonstrates the urgent need for whistleblowing arrangements to become routine – which is why Public Concern at... Read More

Protecting the truth: Safety for Journalists & Whistleblowers

14th February 2018

PCaW were invited to attend an event in Brussels at the European Union Parliament to remember Maltese journalist and anti-corruption activitist Daphne Caruana Galizia ... Read More

PCaW heads to Washington to speak at IFBEC business ethics conference

19th December 2017

Senior Policy Officer Bob Matheson writes about the 8th Annual Conference of IFBEC - the International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct for the Aerospace ... Read More

Whistleblowing on sexual abuse, harassment and the cost of silence

21st November 2017

The Hollywood Harvey Weinstein scandal, followed shortly by shocking allegations at Westminister, are certainly not the first, nor will they be the last sexual ... Read More

Anti-Corruption training in Vienna

18th October 2017

I delivered a whistleblowing seminar for the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in Vienna earlier this month, as part of their Anti-Corruption Tailor-made Training for ... Read More

PCaW attends Integrity at Work conference

12th October 2017

“Since TI-I first started involving itself in whistleblowing issues at the start of this decade, it's been an organisation we’ve been keen to supp... Read More