Dramatic drop in whistleblowing claims due to employment tribunal fee system

1st October 2015

PCaW issued a freedom of information request concerning the number of PIDA claims lodged at employment tribunal since the introduction of fees. Figures demonstrate that there has been a dramatic drop over the last 2 years. There were 1,382 applications accepted by an Employment Tribunal under PIDA in 2014/15. This is a 38% drop compared to 2013/14 and a 50% drop compared to 2012/13. The number of whistleblowing claims lodged at employment tribunal has not been this low since 2006/07.

Cathy James, Chief Executive of Public Concern at Work, said:

"These figures are worrying to say the least and demonstrate just one of the many challenges facing whistleblower claimants. Unemployment, lack of access to legal aid and cuts to legal advice services mean that many whistleblowers are being priced out of justice. We are calling on the Government to exempt whistleblowing claims from the fee structure entirely, or at the very least these claims should be excluded from the higher rates of fees. For too long, the Government has paid lip service to the importance of whistleblowing and unless something is done many whistleblowers have no access to legal protection. This also means that one of the important public interest objectives of the legislation, namely to encourage workplace whistleblowing, is far from being achieved."

See our press statement here.