Effective speak-up arrangements for whistle-blowers report launched

16th November 2016

Leading voice in establishing whistle-blower protection in the UK, Dr Wim Vandekerckhove , who is Principal Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the University of Greenwich, has published a report that will help identify risk management and people management.

Effective speak-up arrangments for whistle-blowers launched earlier this year, shows that effective speak-up arrangements involve a number of different channels through which employees can voice a concern, such as Human Resources, compliance and board members, as well as in person, telephone, web-based methods and apps.

Companies which are responsive to such concerns ultimately build greater trust, and can also help organisations identify potential and previously unseen risks. The report recommends organisations put robust systems in place to respond to all concerns, which includes making sure any concerns are systematically dealt with, and using aggregated data on speak-up activity for the purposes of risk management and people management.

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