5 Common whistleblowing mistakes to avoid in your workplace

The start of a new year is a good time to address organisational change – and we at Protect are hoping to work with more and more organisations in 2019 to help improve trust and create a safer environment for whistleblowers.

5 common mistakes:

  • Thinking you’ve got it covered with a policy on your intranet
  • Lack of training for those receiving/handling concerns
  • Failing to give feedback to your staff
  • Poor communication and staff engagement
  • Senior management failing to endorse

We are offering a 20% discount on our 360 Benchmark tool throughout January
which focuses on three key areas – governance, operations and staff engagement – to assess whistleblowing or speak up arrangements.

“It can be hard for organisations to gauge whether their whistleblowing arrangements are effective – a policy on an intranet is not enough. The idea of the 360 benchmark is to help companies look at their culture and ask how much staff trust you when they raise concerns. It’s trying to move beyond ‘just the numbers of concerns’ and really transform cultures” explains Protect Development Director Jon Cunningham.

The 360 Benchmark was developed over 18 months by a team at Protect and a working group party made up of compliance and governance executives.  It measures how organisations engage with staff, how a company records and investigates employee concerns and evaluates written policy and accountability.  Upon completion, organisations receive a report identifying gaps in their procedures and how they have performed against similar organisations.

Since launching the 360 Benchmark tool in the summer, the Protect Business Support team has had extremely positive feedback from organisations who have completed it. Make 2019 the year of good governance for both your business and your staff.

If you are interested in discussing the 360 Benchmark 20% discount which will be available throughout January 2019, please contact the Business Support team