Whistleblowing in the sport sector by Sir Anthony Hooper, QC

21st November 2018

My view on whistleblowing is that it is a worldwide problem, and in a commissioned Protect report, ( ‘Report on the effectiveness of existing arrangements for workplace whistleblowing in the UK’) gives recommendations about how whistleblowers should be treated. Whistleblowing plays a vital role in the achievement of good governance in sport as in every […]


Whistleblowing in Schools by Emma Knights, Chief Executive, National Governance Association

14th November 2018

Since whistleblowing legislation was introduced under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, employees have been encouraged to come forward with disclosures of dangerous or criminal behaviour, without fear of reprisal or dismissal. Arguably the need to speak out against such activity is especially pertinent to the education sector, which deals with young and vulnerable people […]


Governance and whistleblowing: Encouraging a Speak Up culture

17th October 2018

As Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, Philippa Foster Back, CBE, is responsible for implementing strategy, leading the team and ensuring that the Institute meets its charitable aims of raising awareness and spreading best practice in the field of business ethics. When Sepp Blatter, former president of football’s governing body, was interviewed by David […]


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